Fencing takes time and time is money. The Staplelok system is much faster to erect per metre than timber or other steel posts due to its unique method of attaching the wires Io the posts and driving them into the ground.

Staplelok works because the patented steel post snaps around the staple locking it firmly in place. The Staplelok staples are driven home with a couple of taps of a hammer.

No holes to line up, no tying on and no holes to dig. When the wire is strained it can be stapled anywhere up and down the post. Any wire spacing, any type of wire or mesh. The Staplelok Strainer System completes the fence line.

The posts are being successfully used on the farm, in security fencing and domestic fencing applications.

Key Benefits - Save 75% on installation as compared to wooden posts.
High tensile galvanised steel posts for long life. Environmentally friendly.
Easy to carry and erect.

Electric Security Fencing

For further information about Staplelock electric fencing:


  • For Quick and easy footing. Keeps post from lifting out

  • The Staplelock Thumper delivers a double impact to the post and reduces jarring to the arms.