Fence World manufactures fences from steel, stainless steel, aluminium and wood. Whether you want a simple mesh fence for your tennis court, an aluminium pool fence or an architecturally designed fence with custom made ornaments, we can do it.

We have a fully equipped engineering workshop with experienced fabricators to ensure that your fence is built to our strict quality standards. We take pride in our ability to design and engineer even the most difficult designs.

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Pool Fences

Pool fences and gates must comply with your Council regulations. We can supply and install a pool fence that will not only satisfy the inspectors it will look good and last a lifetime.

Fence World offers a wide range styles and materials for your swimming pool or spa pool fence. Whether you are after a unique architectural style fence or working on a strict budget we have a fencing solution to suit.

Sloping sections, different surfaces and difficult access are no problem to our team. We have many years experience installing pool fences at properties throughout Auckland and have supplied fences to installers throughout the country.

Fence World measures, manufactures and installs your fence to make sure you get the best results. We also supply approved gate closers and latching systems to your peace of mind.

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Below are pictures of some of the pool fences we have installed.

Guardian Pool Fencing - Height 1.2 metres plus

Fence World offers the widest range of swimming pool or spa pool fence styles and designs. Whether you have strict budget guidelines or looking for a unique architectural style, Fence World will deliver a pool fence that will be safe, strong, look great and comply with all council regulations.

Guardian Poolsafe fencing has clean, simple lines and is built tough in New Zealand to withstand the rigours of our climate and everyday use.

Our Guardian Poolsafe fence systems are made strong from high quality tubular aluminium, galvanised steel or glass and come with a full five year warranty. Our extensive range of high quality latches and closing systems are council approved and offers everyone the best peace of mind.

With over 200+ Powder coat colours to choose from and customised panels to suit land contours, we can meet every design need. Where the view is impressive, we offer the latest in frameless glass panel barriers and Balustrades. As fencing specialists we handle all aspects of installation and can project manage the entire job from start to finish, delivering on time and budget.


  • Decks
  • Spa pools
  • Swimming pools
  • Apartment Verandas
  • Handrails & Balustrades

Guardian Poolsafe Fences ensures Peace of Mind

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Landscape Fences

At Fence World we know that a great fence can add an extra dimension to your property. Fences can screen parts of your garden from prying eyes and provide a secluded area for entertaining. Fences can also hide unsightly bins, gas cylinders, clothes lines and air conditioning units to tidy the appearance of your property.

Low fences can be used as pathway or garden borders and wire fences, arches and pergolas can also be planted with climbing plants to make attractive landscape features.

Fence World has the knowledge, experience and design skills to give you a fence that will add value and increase your enjoyment of your property.

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Below are pictures of some of the landscape fences we have installed.

Boundary Fences

Whether you want a fence to keep strangers out, keep pets in or just to enhance your home, Fence World can craft and install a boundary fence that will not only do the job but will look great too.

As manufacturers, we can bring your ideas to reality with a huge range of styles, materials and finishes to ensure you get what you want.

Our popular steel fences can be manufactured to your dimensions and when finished are galvanised and left natural or powder coated to whatever colour you want.

We can also supply production made aluminium, steel or wire fence sections that can be quickly assembled on site.

For school fences, kindergarten fences or for those who want a neat but economical fence we manufacture pipe and mesh fences to measure.

Sloping or undulating sections are no problem as we measure and manufacture to suit.

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Landscape Fencing - Height 1 metre plus

Landscape Fences are a vital part of a property’s beauty and charm. Fence World’s attractive landscape fencing will add extra dimensions to a property by either creating unique spaces or screening out prying eyes and unattractive outlooks. Our Landscape Fencing can define a secluded area for entertaining or border a children’s play area or segment garden themes. Discrete landscape fences will add security to hedges to keep out intruders & keep in pets, they can also hide unsightly bins, gas cylinders or air conditioning units to further enhance a property’s looks.

Exciting design options allow you to use Wire for economy projects to keep people out; Steel for Safety, Strength & Security; Aluminium for Seaside & Ornamental design projects or Glass where the view is paramount.

Choose from our extensive range of designs, materials and 200+ architectural colours or we can manufacture and install whatever you want; because with Fence World the possibilities are endless.


  • Boundary fences
  • Screens
  • Garden borders
  • Pergolas
  • Streams and ponds
  • Graveside borders

A lifetime investment ensuring enjoyment for today and resale value for tomorrow.

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Security Fences

We manufacture and install security fencing for both domestic and commercial premises.

Our domestic security fences can provide a high level of security without detracting from the look of your property. We can manufacture spiked paling fences that will look great but be difficult to climb. If you want a higher level of protection ask us about our extra measures to deter prowlers without making your property look like Fort Knox.

Fence World has exclusive solutions for protecting commercial premises. We can install spiked paling fences or barbed and razor wire topped fences. We can also add high voltage electric perimeter wires that not only provide an effective deterrent but will trigger an alarm if broken or shorted out.

We manufacture our own range of devices to allow access gates to be opened and closed while maintaining the connections of the electrical circuits.

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School and Kindergarten fences - Height 1.6 to 1.8 metres

School & Kindergarten fences are an essential element of keeping our children and school property safe. Fence World offers an economical yet attractive solution for Schools, Kindergartens, Day-Care Centres and Retirement Villages. The great range of styles, colours and heights can suit all applications. The fencing is strong enough to withstand years of kids everyday rough & tumble playground action. Fence World produces gates to suit the fences and can supply custom made locks, latches and access control options to fit each application.

With our wide experience and industry knowledge, we project manage and install the entire job and can offer a programmed maintenance service to keep the fence in perfect condition.

Find out why Fence World is the popular choice for school fencing by contacting us today.


  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Day-care centres
  • Colleges
  • Retirement Villages

Keeping Our Children Safe

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Palisade Security Fencing - Height 1.8 to 2.5 metres

Perimeter Security demands unique security fence measures to deter aggressive intruders.

Guardian Palisade high security fencing is a substantial perimeter line of defence system for high security applications. Steel palisade fencing is also a very popular fencing solution for locations requiring graffiti and vandal resistance. Guardian is an extremely versatile and cost effective security solution that:

  • Looks good - can be colour coated to match a particular installation or corporate colour scheme
  • High Security - resists cutting and ramming and provides an intimidating, difficult to climb, psychological barrier to protect and secure your property against intruders.
  • Tamper Proof - special bolts and rivets cannot be removed
  • Strong - high quality steel for all components; Staplelok Palisade is made of individual components that are hot dip galvanised for maximum extended working life.
  • Construction - All parts are pre-cut and drilled so that it need not be done on site ensuring clean fast weld free assembly. Repairs & replacements are quick & easy with individual palings.
  • Durable - hot dipped galvanised steel finish - requires minimal ongoing maintenance and has a life expectancy that far exceeds most other fencing products
  • Hugs the ground - adapts well to undulating sites; The tamper proof bolting system for the rails and pales allows the Staplelok Palisade fence to follow ground contours of up to 15° while still keeping all pales vertical, eliminating the need to "step" panels and preventing gaps.
  • Versatile - For even further security measures, Barbed wire, Razor wire, or Fence World's electric fencing can easily be fitted to any new or existing Staplelok Palisade fence to further protect your property.

For the ultimate solution in security, barbed wire, razor wire or electrics can be added.

High Security Attributes

Intrusion is extremely difficult with Staplelok's™ Palisade smooth external surface, no helpful projections and widely spaced horizontal rails to prevent climbing.

The box section Guardian Palisade resists bending in any direction and is fabricated to prevent cutting, dismantling or being deformed. While providing the defence against intruders it also provides substantial deterrent against climbing from both sides of the fence.

Gates also fabricated of Guardian provide the same deterrent to climbing and resistance to forcible attack as the fencing system itself.

The Guardian Palisade is unique to Fence World and is up to 75% stronger than palisade fencing offered by competitors.
It is manufactured from high tensile steel and uses the latest computer design technology. The box profile of Guardian Palisade pales makes it extremely resistant to bending in any direction. Guardian Palisade fencing pales are secured with specially designed high security rivets (HUCK RIVETS). The high tensile security rivets are secured inside the pale to prevent intruders from cutting or dismantling.

This is a high performing product produced by experts injustify security fencing. But in situations where there is a need for the most extreme security measures, there is an alternative heavy weight version. This has pale sections that are 25% thicker to protect against the most aggressive intruders.


  • Industrial property
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Car yards
  • Truck yards
  • Compounds
  • Stadiums
  • Border fencing
  • High risk sites
  • Graffiti prone sites


Material:     High Tensile pre galvanised steel
Finish:   Hot dipped Galvanised with powder coating option to clients choice
Height:   From 1.5m to 3.6m
Post Size:   50x50x2.5 or 65x65x3.0 Hot dip Galvanised
Rails:   40x40x5 or 50x50x5 hot dip galvanised. Fitted 180mm from bottom of Pale and 200mm from top of Pale
Pales:   High Tensile pre galvanised steel; 1.6mm or 2.0mm
Bolts & Rivets:   Tamper Proof
Maintenance:   None Required
Pale Tops:   Square, Flared, Fluted, Trident

The Fence World Guardian Palisade Security fence offers exceptional resistance to bending and deformation - ideal where high security is required or where vandalism is a threat. The triple-pointed paling tops have a scallop shape & combined with the internal folded rib are designed to offer maximum strength to prevent intruders from gaining access to - and removing - the high tensile "T" head fasteners. This new Generation Guardian Palisade Security fencing follows the profile of sloping ground which overcomes the need for 'stepping' - so avoiding the creation of potential security gaps below the fencing. This fence is easy to specify as it is available in a range of heights with matching swing gates and sliding gates - electrically operated if required.

New Generation Perimeter Security with Versatility, Long Life & Good Looks.

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  • PSF-2

Pipe & Mesh Chainlink Fencing - Height 1.5 metres plus

Pipe & Mesh Chainlink fencing is a popular, proven & cost effective fencing solution for industrial, commercial & leisure applications requiring moderate levels of general security. Chainlink mesh for fencing, woven from steel wire, is probably the most widely used and versatile of all fencing fabrics, available in a variety of wire gauges and mesh sizes to suit specific applications.

Available in three finishes, heavily galvanised, P.V.C coated with a bright core or for double protection, P.V.C coated with a galvanized wire core.

For added security and strength, extra cross rails, high security mesh, barbed wire, razor wire or electrification can be added.

As specialist fencing manufacturers we build to exact requirements and manage the entire project from design to completion. To ensure the enclosure remains in perfect condition, we offer inspection and maintenance contracts.


  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Tennis courts
  • Industrial sites
  • Sports facilities

14 years of NZ experience, honest graft & customer satisfaction
A timeless & proven traditional fencing staple

Enclosure Fencing 1.2 to 5 metres plus

Fence World enclosure fencing can be used for secure storage, aviaries, dog runs or special cages for zoos, vet clinics, kennels, catteries and lifestyle blocks. Fence World has the knowledge and experience to design and build enclosures that will stop risk of escape or injury and prohibit entry of predators. Specialist predator proof fencing to meet any need can be custom built & installed.

We can install access control and security systems to ensure the security of valuable animals. As specialist manufacturers we build to exact requirements and manage the entire project from design to completion. To ensure the enclosure remains in perfect condition, we offer inspection and maintenance contracts.

Contact Fence World today to discuss your needs.


  • Aviaries
  • Dog runs
  • Goat Farms
  • Deer Farms
  • Hobby farms
  • Ostrich Farms
  • Transport cages
  • Kennels & catteries
  • Predator proof fencing
  • Zoos and petting farms

Keeping Pets together & Predators apart

Sports Ground Fencing - Height 3 to 8 metres

Sports activities can be very demanding on fencing. Our Sports Ground fences are designed and installed to withstand any amount of sports ground action and to keep the ball in play.

Fence World is highly experienced in constructing and installing sports ground fencing that is not only matched to the unique demands of each sport but also looks good.

We will install & project manage the entire job to ensure that everything comes together on time, on budget and within council regulations.

Fence World can also offer maintenance contracts to ensure the fence is kept in top condition year after year.

Contact us today for a design consultation.


  • Golf courses
  • Tennis courts
  • Cricket pitches and practice nets
  • Netball courts
  • Baseball and softball diamonds
  • Rugby, hockey and soccer grounds
  • Club rooms

Fencing to keep the ball in play

Electric Security Fences

  • ESF-1
  • ESF-2
  • ESF-3
  • ESF-4
  • ESF-5
  • ESF-6

Call Fence World today on 09 299 7256 to discuss your electric security fence requirements.

EliteWall Panel Fencing

  • EliteWall-1
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  • EliteWall-8
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  • EliteWall-13
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  • EliteWall-15
  • EliteWall-16
  • EliteWall-17
  • EliteWall-18
  • EliteWall-19
  • EliteWall-20
  • EliteWall-21
  • EliteWall-22
  • EliteWall-23
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  • EliteWall-39
  • EliteWall-40
  • EliteWall-41
  • EliteWall-42
  • EliteWall-43
  • EliteWall-44
  • EliteWall-45
  • EliteWall-46
  • EliteWall-47
  • EliteWall-48
  • EliteWall-49
  • EliteWall-50
  • EliteWall-51