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Fence World keeps up to date with the leading automation and security technology to provide you with the best peace of mind. Whether you want a simple automatic opening gate or a sophisticated high security system with controlled access, alarm monitoring, security lighting, CCTV, barbed wire and electric fencing we are the ones to call.

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Gate Automation

Automatic gatesAutomatic gates offer convenience and improved security for your property. Fence World installs Merlin, one of the world’s most reliable and highly regarded automation systems.

The best way to open and close your gate

A single press of your Merlin remote your gates open automatically allowing you to drive into the security of your property. One more press and the gates close behind you. All from the comfort and safety of your car - what could be easier?

The same high security Merlin remote can operate your garage door or lighting.

Merlin has a durable, quiet, string and securable set of gate openers for your new or existing gates.

Soft stop / start
Merlin™ Gate openers are equipped with Chamberlain soft start/stop technology, designed to ensure smooth, quiet gate operation.

Automatic force sensing
Each gate opener is equipped with automatic force sensing. With each operation, the gate opener will monitor and adjust the force needed to open and close your gate.

Automatic safety function
A gate will stop and reverse automatically if obstructed while closing and stop if obstructed while opening. A gate can also be stopped and locked at any position for children, bicycle or pedestrian access.

Backup Power
In case of power failure, your gate can still be operated for up to 10 times. When power is restored, the Batteries will be re-energised automatically .


  • Integrated Merlin high security receiver, features code-hopping with random selection from 4.3 billion possible unique codes.
  • Powerful 24V or 230V options available
  • Advanced microprocessor based electronic controller features quick setup or customised programming for personal features customisation
  • Pedestrian access for partial opening of gates
  • Slow down function. The system slows the motor at the end of the close cycle to reduce noise and stress
  • Electronic sensitivity stops the gates if obstructed
  • Can learn up to 40 remote controls. These can be individually managed

Merlin strongly recommends the use of safety beam sensors on all applications.

For speed of opening and where space is not an issue, double and single swing gate motors are a robust choice for automatic gate control. Swing arm motors are available in 12V and 230V options. The 12V option can be connected to a solar panel
Gate motors can be activated by remote, keypad, keyswitch or intercom.

MGA600 Articulated 
Swing Gate Operators
Automatic swing gates
The Merlin MGA600 articulated swing gate operator is designed
for swing gates up to 3.0m wide. Long lasting and durable the
MGA600 allows flexible mounting behind narrow posts. It has
a high impact UV resistant nylon housing and the enclosed gate
drive mechanism requires minimal maintenance.

Linear motors are the perfect answer where space is limited, providing quiet, efficient service.
Linear motors are available as 12V or 230V. The 12V option can be connected to a solar panel.

MGL400 Linear
Swing Gate Operators
Swing gates The Merlin MGL400 linear swing gate operator is designed
for swing gates up to 3.5m wide. Long lasting and durable
they have a robust maintenance-free screw drive that
minimises maintenance.

Merlin sliding gate motors are designed to fit neatly behind existing walls or fences without compromising space. They are fast, quiet and reliable, featuring inbuilt control panels, and operate on 12V or 230V power. The 12V option can be connected to a solar panel

MGS Series Sliding
Gate Operators
Sliding gates The Merlin MGS300, 500 and 1000 sliding gate operators are designed
for sliding gates up to 10m wide. Long lasting and durable, the rack and
pinion drive mechanism is fully enclosed to reduce maintenance and
protect it from the elements.

Industrial and commercial
The Merlin range of products includes options for high volume access and high security situations.
Solar powered or wireless
Fence World solar powered 12V systems and intercom systems are the perfect answer when it’s either too difficult or uneconomical to run mains power cables.

Access Control Options

Intercoms are a convenient addition enabling visitors to communicate from the gate to the residence/building.
Gates are easily activated by a button on the intercom handset within the property.

  • Available for single user or multi-user apartments
  • Video intercom options in black/white or colour allow visual identification
  • Wireless intercoms can operate over distances of 80m to 1km helping avoid major cabling costs

Totally Wire-Free Gate Intercom and Access Control System, designed for any home or business
The Oracle Gate System is designed to be the wire-free solution to enhance the operation of accessory-ready Automatic Gate Openers. With up to five years of battery life, the Gate Access Unit can be used with compatible key-fob remotes and Intercoms to remotely operate the gate opener from your car or home

  • Offer selected visitors entrance to the property
  • Selected codes activate gates or garage doors
  • Ideal for meter readers, gardeners or other regular visitors

Wireless Keypad (AM & FM)
Part No (AM): C840

Mounts on the outside garage wall or door jamb.
This enables you to open your garage door without keys when you enter a 4 digit security code.

Optional Fingerprint
Keyless Entry Pad
Unique fingerprint sensor technology activates your door opener, quickly and safely.
Up to 10 registered users can activate the opener. Great for seniors and families with children.


  • Available in 1, 2 and 4-channel
  • Useful for gates, garage doors or external lighting
  • Have one remote control your gate, garage door, water system, exterior lighting
Merlin 3 channel "bear claw" mini remote (AM)

Controls up to three different doors or gates.
Ideal for Pocket, Purse or Key Chain.

Part No: C945.

Merlin 4 channel mini remote (FM)

Controls up to four different doors or gates.
Includes a clip-on system for dashboard mounting.

Part No : M844


Electronic locks
All FenceWorld gates, including pedestrian gates, can be fitted with electronic locks for additional convenience and security. We supply purpose-designed European locks for gates.
Infrared (IR) security beams

  • Enhance security and safety by detecting the passage of a vehicle or person through an entrance.
  • Incorporates safety beam sensors that sense obstruction and stop the door closing before impact.
  • This system is strongly recommended for added safety.

All FenceWorld automatic gates include safety features that electronically sense obstructions, causing the motors to stop then reverse
Installation and after-sales service
All Fence World equipment reaches the highest standards of reliability.
Our backup and after-sales service is second to none.
Home Automation
Fence World automation can interface with many home automation and alarm systems.
Contact us for a copy of our free brochure or to request our free measure and quote service.

Price guide
(excluding installation)

  • Sliding gate automation – from $2000
  • Single leaf automation – from $2500
  • Double leaf automation – from $2900

Trade enquiries welcome:

Entry/Exit Security fences

Security of both private and commercial premises is becoming more and more important. Fence World keeps up to date with the latest technology and can equip your premises with systems that will help you sleep well at night.

We can manufacture and install barbed wire and electrified fences, barrier arms, bollards and security grilles.

We have our own range of electric fence installation accessories and supply leading brand electrification and alarm monitoring equipment.

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